Request to Ban Clean Wood Waste

To: Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities and all Vancouver Island Regional Districts

RE: Request to Ban Clean Wood Waste

The Vancouver Island Recycling and Waste Industry Coalition (VIRWIC) is a newly formed group with a key purpose to work with local governments and other stakeholders to develop fair and effective recycling and waste management policy. We want local government to meet its recycling and solid waste objectives, the public to receive high quality service at a reasonable cost and industry to have a stable investment environment.

We request that all Regional Districts ban clean wood waste from disposal as Metro Vancouver has done – wood-disposalban/Pages/default.aspx
The key benefits to banning clean wood waste from disposal are clear:

  1. Banning this high-volume material supports the waste diversion goals of all Regional Districts.
  2. Recycling clean wood saves significant landfill space
  3. There is a net reduction of Green House Gas (GHGs) emissions if wood waste is recycled/energy recovery versus landfilled
  4. There would be limited additional activity required in the commercial, industrial and C&D streams as the incentive to sort wood waste is already encouraged.
  5. Strengthens the existing wood recycling networks allowing for further small business investment and job creation.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Dan Lazaro VIRWIC Co-chair


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