Private Sector Participation & Continued Development

May 25, 2018

To: City of Nanaimo Mayor Bill McKay and Council

Re: Private Sector Participation & Continued Development

I am writing to identify the need to continue to support private sector development in Nanaimo. With the NRE’s decision to close their doors without notifying the residents or government, the private sector immediately worked to provide solutions to ensure the residents would have continued access to recycle their materials. With the City and RDN supporting industry and not building a competing facility in the region you have the ability to save taxpayers over $6,000,000.00 in proposed capital costs and countless millions in operational money. Using taxpayer money to build a competing facility will only stifle the community from being provided greater consumer access and achieving province leading recycling rates.

Since the closure of the NRE the private sector has stepped up

Consumer Awareness – Private sector is advertising over multiple media outlets to increase resident’s awareness of the different options available to them to return recyclable items at private facilities throughout Nanaimo.

Consumer Access – Increased consumer access in Nanaimo through private depots located in different regions of Nanaimo expanding their item acceptance list.

Community Initiatives – Providing community service hours and work place experience to individuals through different programs and initiatives.

Transfer of Risk – Utilizing the existing/expanding private sector network has transferred and downloaded the risk to the private sector and away from the taxpayer.

We therefore request that the City and RDN do not commit millions on a duplication of infrastructure and services, instead continue to work with existing depots, regional facilities, not for profits, and retailers to increase waste diversion in Nanaimo. We remain open to discussing this approach further with you so that any questions you may have can be answered quickly and within the proper context



CC: Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce


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