Our Objectives

To support the independently owned recycling and waste management businesses on Vancouver Island

To promote open market competition in the recycling and waste sector

To work closely with Local Governments in helping them meet their solid waste goals


  • Local governments should not be operators in competition with the private sector
  • The role of Local governments should be to adopt a target setting, education and enforcement role.
  • All VIRWIC members will operate to high environmental and business standards
  • Open and fair competition in the sector will keep costs for residents low (government should follow its own procurement rules)
  • Waste flow control and franchising restricts competition and free trade
  • Local governments should avoid infrastructure funding and non-landfill operations.
  • Local governments should use market signals to drive desired outcomes
  • Industry investment in infrastructure only happens when government sends a clear signal that it will not build competing infrastructure or restrict free trade

Key Activities

Key Activities and Collaboration
  • Hold member meetings to discuss issues critical to industry.
  • Meet with local government representatives and Provincial government officials to provide them withindustry’s perspective.
  • Meet with key partners to collaborate on issues of common interest
  • Share information and updates with members

Key Targets

  • Regional District and Municipal Directors and staff
  • Association of Vancouver Island and Coast Communities (AVICC)
  • Provincial Government Solid Waste staff

Key Partners

  • Waste Management Association of BC
  • Larger waste management and recycling companies (e.g. Waste Management,
  • Progressive, Belkorp) or other companies with common interests
  • Other locally owned waste and recycling businesses that are supportive but may be too small to take an active role
  • Chamber of Commerce (BC and local chapters)
  • Vancouver Island business and economic development organizations


  • The members of the group will select a Chair
  • The Chair will seek consensus from members for all decisions and policy positions. The initial co-chairs will be Dan Lazaro and Stew Young Jr.
  • The role of the Chair or designate will be to lead member meetings and speak publically on behalf of the members (e.g. media, public presentations at RD’s, Official meetings with politicians)


  • The Administrator will provide support to all members and assist the Chair as needed.
  • The Administrator will meet with key targets and partners to share industry’s (the members) perspective.
  • The Administrator is responsible for all operational aspects of the operation including coordinating meetings, preparing agendas, preparing position papers.


  • Membership is open to all locally owned recycling and waste management businesses on Vancouver Island (and islands)
  • Supporting partners can join and attend meetings and receive updates
  • All VIRWIC Members must follow high environmental and business standards.


  • Initial start-up costs are being funded by the initiating companies
  • Supportive partners (large off island companies, etc.) – $1250/yr.
  • New member costs per company are:
    • Small (less than 10 staff) – $500/yr.
    • Medium (10-30 staff) – $850/yr.
    • Large (over 30 staff – $1250/yr.