City of Nanaimo off-side with local recycling and waste collection business

The City of Nanaimo’s decision to purchase a new fleet of garbage trucks for recycling and waste services to directly compete with private recycling and waste services is not supported by the Vancouver Island Recycling and Waste Industry Coalition. “How can any local business support a decision by local government to commit taxpayers money to be in direct competition with the private sector” says Steve Harrhy, General Manager of Alpine Recycling.

In a closed meeting, the City of Nanaimo Council were convinced by staff to in-house all of its recycling and waste collection services without a competitive tender or proper comparison of costs “The process they have used to make this behind closed door decision with incomplete information and with no regard for comparative cost analysis should be unacceptable to the taxpayer”, said Mike Tripp from Progressive Waste Solutions.

A competitive tender would allow a full comparison of costs and benefits. “I don’t understand how the City can decide to borrow to spend over $7 Million of taxpayers money without any discussion with taxpayers, I hope the BC government will take a long look at this. This is completely against the BC Business Council and BC Chamber of Commerce policy on waste management which calls for an open and competitive marketplace,” says Dan Lazaro of Coast Environmental.


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