About Us

We are small business owners of independently owned recycling and waste companies on Vancouver Island.

Together we manage ten’s of thousands of tonnes of recyclable material and waste yearly, which is more than any one Island based Regional District.

Provide employment to hundreds of local people who live on Vancouver Island.

Process annually more material than Cowichan Valley, Mount Waddington, Powell River, and Sunshine Coast combined.

What Local Governments should do

Create a new business plan for solid waste that is user pay and shifts away from the current model where landfill tipping fees pay for non-landfill costs or subsidize non-landfill activities.

Set world leading targets to achieve short and long term solutions for waste and recycling. Invest in education, enforcement, and monitoring of waste management operations.

Develop an integrated regional approach emphasizing private industry as a key partnership in order to achieve its targets.

How VIRWIC Can Assist

  • We will invest private capital in solid waste infrastructure on Vancouver Island
  • We will operate to high environmental and business standards
  • We will participate in data measurement, verification and monitoring programs
  • We will pay taxes and create jobs locally
  • We will assist in developing short term and long term solutions for waste and recycling on Vancouver Island